News Anchors Join New Zealand Women Wearing Headscarves For Mosque Attack Victims

News anchors in New Zealand joined women across the country in wearing headscarves as a show of solidarity, on Friday, for the victims of last week ’s mosques shooting.

The newsreaders covering the memorial events for the 50 people killed by a white supremacist at two mosques in Christchurch, began broadcasts with Islamic greeting.

They included The AM Show news anchor Amanda Gillies, who said she agonized over whether to cover her hair with a peach-colored scarf. ,, “There’s no way a week ago that I would have because I would have thought it would have been deemed inappropriate, not right, that I was insulting the Muslim community”, Gillies said.

, I’ll be honest – I did angst over it today whether I should wear it because I didn’t want to be inappropriate or offend the Muslim community. But I know that they are so welcoming and accepting of it, and I know that a lot of women will wear it today because it just shows that we are united – the solidarity is there, the love and support are there”.

Elsewhere, women across the country wore hijabs on an emotional day when the shocked nation together to remember those killed.

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