The Spirit of Dubai – $1.3 M Perfume Enters Race For World’s Most Expensive Fragrance

An Emirati perfumery claims it has created the most expensive perfume in the world. Called  Shumuks – ,,deserving the highest” in Arabic – and priced at a nostril-flaring $1.295.000 for three liters, its makers say it’s the product of three years of research and 494 perfume trials.

It comes in an Italian Murano crystal bottle, which is adorned with a gold falcon, Arabian horses, roses and a globe, contains 3.571 diamonds – 38.55 carats in total – giant pearls, two kilograms of 18-karat gold and over five kilograms of pure silver. What’s more, the bottle sits on a cushioned leather stand nearly two meters tall.

Creators The Spirit of Dubai, part of luxury fragrance brand Nabeel, say the bottle’s bejeweled animals and the perfume’s ingredients, pulled from different corners of the world, tell the story of Dubai.

The his/hers perfume apparently contains hints of sandalwood, musk, Ylang-Yland, Turkish rose, Indian agar wood, musk and patchouli. But it is the bottle that has set two Guinness World Recors: for most diamonds set on a perfume bottle and for tallest commercially available remote-controlled fragrance spray bottle, certificates for which were shown to CNN.

Details of a buyer for the one-of-a-kind bottle have yet to be disclosed, but the public can see it on display at Dubai Mall until March 30.

Shamuks joins a niche market for ultra-opulent perfumes. According to Guiness World Records, the most expensive perfume commercially is Clive Christian No/1 Imperial Majesty, which was released in a 10-bottle run in 2005 at $205.000 each for 500 milliliters (price included delivery via Bentley).

There are other expensive one-off creations. In 2011, DKNY launched the Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle, made from yellow and white gold and covered in 2.700 diamonds and 183 yellow sapphires. Billed as ,,the world’s first million – dollar fragrance bottle” and containing a petite 100 milliliters of presume, the bottle was not commercially available, instead sold at auction with profits going to charity. DKNY today is unable to confirm how much it sold for.

In 2018, CNN feature Le monde sur Mesure by French company Morreale Paris, with a bottle finished in two kilograms of gold with 1.000 diamonds, and a unique fragrance designed by the buyer. Morreale Paris told CNN via email that the five-liter bottle sold for $1.8 million.

Despite Le Monde sur Mesure’s higher price tag, Shamukh is more expensive per milliliter ($431.70 vs $360) and The Spirit of Dubai is claiming a world record by this metric.

Irrespective, Shamukh’s claim might not last for long. Morreale Paris told CNN is currently working on a perfume with a 10-liter bottle covered in gold, diamonds and rubies which they value at this point over $18 million – hypothetically $1.800 per milliliter . �

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