Kingdom of Saudi Arabia| The Saudi Commission For Tourism And National Heritage (SCTH) In Madinah Organized Two Tour Guide Training Session Last Week, In Cooperation With The National Center For Human Resources Development (Takamul).

The five-day session took on 32 trainees, introducing them to the tasks of tour guides, including presenting historical information to people with no prior knowledge of the subject under time constraints, as well as teaching other skills the SCTH deems essential for the profession.

Specialists introduced trainees to the methods used to guide people through historical sites, museums and landmarks in Madinah, and to explain their significance in a concise, easily appreciate manner.

Faisal Al-Madani, director of the SCTH in Madinah, said the training sessions aimed to prepare people for a successful career in the tourism and hospitality industries, improve standards across the region, and introduce discipline and rigor in presenting research and information to groups of people. He added that the SCTH in Madinah was lookinh forward to providing distinguished service for tourists. 0

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