KSA | Saudi Arabia Announces Residency Programme For International Artists

International artist will be able to take residency in Saudi Arabia as part of a new ,,cultural residency” programme, the Ministry of Culture announced on Wednesday.

The programme is one of a number of new initiatives unveiled by the ministry, which also include prizes, scholarships and a culture fund meant to support artists.

Today marks a turning point in the history of our nation”, Minister of  Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan said. “It is rare that a nation undergoes such a massive revival of its culture”.

Prince Badr added that Saudi Arabia’s drive to transform the kingdom’s arts and culture scene will “help build bridges of understanding” and create a country in which “creative spirits can flourish”.

In its official Twitter account, the ministry posted a statement from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in which he said the kingdom takes “immense pride” in its historical and cultural legacy.

The heritage has given our society the cultural richeness and diversity is it known for today”, he added.

Transforming the kingdom’s culture sector is among the 24 goals outline in Saudi Vision 2030.

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