Beauty | Michelle Pheiffer is launching a “Clean” Fragrance Line

The actress (and owner of a newly-minted Instagram) is making a foray into the £29 billion global fragrance market with the launch of Henry Rose, a clean life of scent.

Michelle Pfeiffer already had an indelible imprint on the world of beauty – those cheekbones, the iconic Scarface bob and those feline eyes – but, now she’s taking things a step further with the launch of her new fragrance line, Henry Rose.

While there was a time when celebrity perfumes were commonplace, they’ve taken something of a backseat to make-up or bodycare launches in recent years. However, this is not just any fragrance line Pfeiffer is launching with Melina Polly, her chief executive: it’s a clean fragrance line.

Pfeiffer told Forbes that her interest in a clean line coincide with the birth of her children: “I began to look for products that were not only healthier, but had the same quality that I was used to, I then fell down a rabbit hole looking at different products” ingredients and quickly realized anything with “fragrance” was flagged as toxic.

To that end, Pfeiffer partnered with the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit that advocates for safer consumer goods, to establish for safer consumer goods, to establish what could and could not be included in a clean fragrance line, whittling down an ingredients list from some 3.000 to 250.

Henry Rose is now the first fragrance line the EWG has endorsed, and is free from ingredients like phthalates, while the fragrances are housed in 90% recycled glass bottles with lids made of soy. �,b�

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