Business | Nestle Goes Vegan With Meat-Free Burger Range

Nestle is looking to take a bit of the fast-growing vegan foods market with a range of plant-based burgers, saying its recipes could complete for taste with traditional beef patties.

The world’s biggest packaged food group, known for KitKat bars and Nescafe instant coffee, is trying to defend its place in consumer’s shopping carts by making products healthier, with less salt and sugar, and by introducing ranges more in line with modern eating habits.

Demand for meat-free food is rising fast. Last year total U.S. retail  sales of plant-based meat substitutes grew more than 23 percent to exceed $760 million, according to Nielsen sales data analyzed by The Good Food Institute, a non-profit organization promoting plant-based alternatives.

Many consumers recognize that less meat in their diet is good for them and for the planet, but plant-based meat alternatives often do not live up to their expectations”, Nestle said in a statement on Tuesday. ccent 1

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