Fashion | Fenty Lands Stateside With a Rihanna-Hosted Launch at the Webster

If the lights of Manhattan shone a little brighter last night-especially on Green Street – it might have had something to do with the star poert of Rihanna who made it to the New York outpost of the Webster to celebrate the U.S. debut of her Fenty collection. The woman of the hour celebrated the release surrounded by close friends Renell Medrano, Imaan Hammam, Nisaa Pouncey and Selah Marley, while Kitty Cash spun beats from the DJ both upstairs. Naturally, they all wore Fenty.

It’s not even been a month since Fenty’s ready-to-wear collection debut in Paris-Rihanna’s been busy, to say the least.

‘I enjoy the process. I enjoy getting bigger and taking one stept at a time and just pushing myself and challenging myself”, she said of the strategic decision she’s made to build her Fenty empire. ‘The key to that is being your own competition and nor really paying attention to anything else that’s going on around you”.

The night began with a first look at a new release of Fenty ready-to-wear and accessories. If the brand’s Paris debut was all about strong lines and structured tailoring, the New York City launch emphasized summer-ready slip dresses, futuristic eyewear, and sophisticated fashion jewelry.

‘I have so much admiration for Rihanna and everything that she does”, said Laure Heriard Dubreuil, founder of the Webster. “So having the honor to launch the collection exclusively at the Webster, as the first partner in the United States, and having the second drop after Paris pop-up is incredible”.

Rihanna was attentive to every detail of the latest launch, structuring the brand’s stateside debut to complement the New York City shopper. ‘The consumer in Paris is different. They’re used to the high-end luxury world”, she told Vogue. “In the New York, I feel like there’s thist grit. There are these young kids, they’ll save and they might not necessarily be able to afford the expensive jacket, but maybe the sunglasses work. There’s this culture where they go high-low, and that’s how  I dress. That’s  what I enjoy.”

Given the packed house, even after she was long gone, it’s clear that Rihanna’s strategy is more than working.

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